Aimed for magicians and also for educators, fathers, mothers, boys and girls, this course will change your perception of mathematics in the art of magic.


This course will change your perception on Mathematics, you will love them!


by @epaleneo

This course is a compendium of 6 powerful, fun and practical magic tricks whose secret is held in numbers and no, you don't have to be a math genius to be able to perform them: you only need a deck of cards, three dice, a calendar, paper and colors.

Neo focused on finding a balance between magic and mathematics that would result in effective tricks with the audience as well, thus far surpassing the line of curiosity in which many mathematical tricks remain.

The explanations are detailed, didactic and entertaining and are divided into two: a basic one that will be enough for you to effectively do the trick, and a second one that is developed into why the trick works, its possible numerical variations and applications to education.

Aimed for magicians and also for educators, fathers, mothers, boys and girls, this course will change your perception of mathematics in the art of magic.


After the spectator shuffles the deck thoroughly, the magician takes a card and sets out to get its twin (homologous) with the help of three random and impartial agents: the dice.

The spectator rolls the dice and they throw a number, which lead, without error, to the twin card that the magician originally took.

Easy, smart and straight. No special cards or trick dice.


Similar to the previous trick , but this time the spectator takes the dice and stacks them as he like and it is the faces that cannot be seen what will lead to find the twin card.

After stacking, these faces are added and the spectator counts the cards until getting, without error, at the homologous.

Very easy to do. No special cards or loaded dice.


A series of cards with different drawings of places and objects are distributed on the table and a piece representing a heroine is placed on one of them.

The magician, without looking, begins to tell a story of a dragon that pursues her, and whose direction is determined by the spectator who moves the heroine at his will.

The dragon destroys everything and with the spectator's decisions the heroine is saved by reaching a last place previously predicted by the magician.

Magical, free, captivating and very easy to do.


The magician proposes to play the game of Don Vicente Parra, so the spectator draws 16 cards and from the rest of the deck another is chosen which is lost and kept in the box.

After each player, magician and spectator, through Don Vicente Parra's game, will have only two cards left, the sum of them will lead them to the card chosen at the beginning.

Fun, participatory, puzzling, and carefully constructed.


The spectator freely chooses a month, and from there a group of 9 days enclosed in a 3x3 square. Spectator with calculator and magician with his mind prepare to add up the enclosed numbers, the magician always managing to find the solution before the spectator.

Practical and versatile. An all-terrain game.


The magician and the spectator play the popular tic-tac-toe, but this time with cards: the magician's moves are with the cards face down and those of the spectator with the cards face up.

One by one they play, reaching a draw, but not everything is as it seems, because when all the cards are turned over, despite the free decisions of each one, a magic square is formed.

Versatile, practical and smart.

Presented by Neo


Neo, yes, that's his name (really). Magician, comedian, ventriloquist and educator specializing in Physics and Mathematics (this is also true). This artist has walked through every stage he has crossed, from the street to theaters in different parts of the world, which has allowed him to dance in the balance between the academic and the practical.

He has written different articles on magic, lectured on mathematical magic, artist marketing, neuroscience in children's magic, and educational magic. His work covers a wide spectrum that is characterized by the level of meticulousness, creativity, detail and dedication that he puts into it.

Neo's work will make you walk from Mathematics to magic, from magic to neuroscience, from neuroscience to ventriloquism and come back loving all that a little more. All this explained with a strong presence of his pedagogical skills.

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Work with your child to help them build a strong foundation of math skills.

Learn strategies they can use to solve more difficult math problems in later grades

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What is the Magic with Maths course about?

It is a course of 6 magic tricks whose secret is based on mathematics. All tricks are applicable on stage, you don't need to be a number genius and are applicable as a teaching resource for educators and parents. That is why, in addition to the main explanation, each trick has a section where Neo gives suggestions as an educator to apply them for teaching. Neo is not left alone in the trick: he goes further to give them strength on stage if you are a magician, or in the classroom if you are an educator.

From what age is this magic course recommended?

None of the tricks requires manual skill to perform them, although as a minimum requirement it is necessary to know how to add and subtract, therefore anyone from the age of 9 can perform them. It is important to note that although the basic version does not require manual skill, in the explanations Neo provides other paths based on the tools that magicians have (faros, false shuffles...).

What are the benefits of getting this magic course?

The main benefit is that you will learn 6 tricks that you can play after a good rehearsal. But beyond that, there are the amount of details, subtleties and explanations that will help you understand the reason for each move or decision. And if you are an educator, you will get a very powerful resource to not only get your students' attention, but also to shape more abstract concepts, motivate them to study numbers and invite them to play with them using magic as a means.

What materials are used in this course?

A complete deck of Poker cards, three dice, a calendar, paper and colors.

What level of experience is this course aimed at?

For all levels: those who know little or nothing about magic will find in these tricks a good starting point, and those who already have experience will acquire a new way of seeing magic with mathematics and will enjoy the psychological and mathematical details that allows the performance of these little miracles.